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Acne Scarring & Laser Acne Treatment

Before (left) and After (right) Acne Scar Treatment

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Laser Acne Treatment for Teenage and Adult Acne

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Laser acne treatment is a proven, effective way of dealing with teeange and adult acne. Our powerful but gentle laser will reduce the unsightly dark-red marks left by large ugly spots and reduce the number and frequency of spots on face, back, neck and shoulders.

We combine the use of the laser acne treatment with effective medical treatment as an extra weapon in the fight against acne.

You can see our clinic and also expert nurse Lee Garrett talking on the BBC about laser acne treatments here

How does laser acne treatment work?

Acne is a disorder of the skin follicles which gives an excess of oil in the skin and this often becomes infected with a bacteria called P.Acnes. Your body responds by trying to remove the infection and the bacteria. The result is lots of inflammation in the follicle and unfortunately, a big, red ugly spot.

At Freedomhealth we have developed a sophisticated approach to troublesome acne using our specialised Sciton laser.

Using the Broad Band Light platform on the Sciton Laser, Lee Garrett will heal those deep dark coloured marks that the bigger spots leave. The BBL device gently and painlessly heats the top layers of the skin over and around the acne damage. This has the effect of killing off the P.Acnes bacteria, reduces the redness and allows collagen to remodel and calm the over-active sebaceous glands, reducing the oil production.

How can you treat acne scarring?

Either as an alternative or as a later treatment, Lee Garrett will use the Profractional laser to remodel the top layers of the skin, reduce scarring and replenish collagen beneath the damaged area. The Profractional laser acne treatment is calibrated to make miniscule holes in the damaged target tissue, leaving undamaged tissue around each micro-column. These undamaged areas then help with rapid healing resulting in a rapid repair of acne-damaged skin.

These two laser acne treatments can be combined to both re-model scars and also replenish collagen and reduce redness and scarring, without the unpleasant side effects of some of the acne medicines such as roaccutane.

 Are there different types of acne scarring?

Yes, absolutely. The first type results from increased tissue formation at the site of the acne and usually appears as a raised red and often itchy area. Different genetic backgrounds and ethnicity is often relevant and whilst coloured skins tend to form keloid scars a very similar condition can occur in white skin also. These hypertrophic or keloid scars are often difficult to treat. They occur because of over-active healing in the original acne lesion. They can be treated by aplying silicone gel ether by applying small sheets or using a rub in gel. Alternatively they can be carefully injected with tiny amounts of steroid which will gradually shrink the area. This needs to be done very carefully and gradually.

The second type of acne scar is caused by the loss of tissue rather than too much. These give a variety of scars including ice-pick scars and deep attached fibrotic scars. They can be treated by a variety of means including subcision where under local anaesthetic a cutting needle is introduced and the thered area beneath the scar is divided, freeing the tissue over it. We will often introduce some additional moisturiser into the area with a small injection of Restylane. This serves to hydrate and maintain the divided skin allowing less chance of further scar formation.


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