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Restylane Vital – Deep Dermal Hydration for Fine Lines

Restylane Vital is a gentle, rehydrating and rejuvenating skin treatment. Fast and gentle with absolutely minimum downtime.

We'll always offer a full consultation prior to treatment allowing you to discuss your needs and understand the possible treatments. Please call us on 02076371600 to make an appointment with Lee Garrett.

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Restoring skin health with Restylane Vital

Whilst you can use moisturising creams to make dry skin feel more nourished, any effects will be very temporary because creams sit on the surface of the skin and cannot penetrate it to reach the deeper levels where hydration occurs.

Restylane Vital is a skin revitalisation treatment providing deep dermal hydration. Restylane Vital is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and promote skin smoothness, to give it a more hydrated look.

Restylane Vital provides deep dermal hydration and moisturising from within to improve skin firmness to keep our skin looking plump and hydrated. It diminishes the appearance of fine crepey lines caused by sun damage and counters the effects of central heating systems which leave our skin so dry in the winter.

It is perfect for treating

Veiny hands.

Crepey sun damaged décolletage.

All areas of the face to improve skin tone and firmness.


Restylane Vital is a smooth, pure crystal clear hyaluronic acid (HA) gel which is injected into the skin to replenish the skin's own HA. We all have hyaluronic acid in our skin. It attracts water and plays an important part in the skin's hydration system and the production of healthy looking skin.


Restylane Vital treatment

Restylane Vital comprises 3 treatment sessions of very fine injections spaced 2 weeks apart. Treatment benefits generally lasts for around 9 months and can be maintained by repeat treatment once or twice a year.


There are no restrictions on how often you can receive treatment. In fact, you can repeat treatment with Restylane Vital as often as you feel is necessary.


The beauty of Restylane Vital is that it can, of course, also be combined with any Restylane treatment whether you want to banish those tell tale ageing lines, enhance your lips to make them more sensuous or add more volume to your cheeks to give a sassy, more youthful look.

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