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Thread: Am i paranoid ?

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    Am i paranoid ?

    Hi Docs:

    First of all ; you are doing a wonderfull job here ! Thank you !

    I had 2 possible risks for HIV. At October 02 (unprotected vaginal) and November 08.(protected vaginal and unprotected oral -i was thinking oral is safe but then... you know... `google` )

    i was the insertive for oral and none of them were CSW.

    I had HIV DUO test at :

    2 weeks; 3 weeks; 6 weeks; 7 weeks and 8 weeks after unprotected vaginal. ( all negative)

    20 days later after unprotected Oral.(negative)

    I have immuned against Hepatitis B (vaccined about 7 years ago).

    I am nearly %100 sure about test results for unprotected vaginal. 6-7-8 weeks COMBO negative.

    But i am still anxious about unprotected oral. Do i need any other COMBO test for that ?
    Some Dr. say insertive oral is %100 safe but same say you are under risk ( not a big one but risk)
    What is your suggestion?


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    Aug 2008
    Hello, there!
    There is no risk of HIV infection for you in this instance. The risk, even though very low, is for the person giving you the oral sex. The risk of receptive oral sex is less than 0.04%. With all this in mid, I would suggest that you forget about it and not re-test.
    Best wishes,
    Freedom Health Online

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    receptive oral sex

    You quote extremely low probability of 0.04% for receptive oral sex.On what basis is this calculation?
    The reason I ask is that I had oral sex with a prostitute now 17 days ago whilst on a business trip to asia (yes very stupid) and although it did not last long ,was just gentle licking (not mouth over the tip), there were no skin breaks, of course if she is HIV + and had ulcers or a cut in the mouth/bleeding gums (she had a brace) etc. then how would this effect the odds that you quote? Many other HIV websites make this sound like a very real risk. In addition I did have a brief flu like cold for a couple of days a week after returning, which may have been due to returning home from a hot climate and the rest of the family were suffering, but again this is mentioned on other websites this sounds like the first symptoms of HIV after 1 week.
    I am in the process of waiting std checks taken at 10days after incident (swabs and blood), I had discomfort immediately after the oral and got antibiotics the very next day upon my return for what I thought was a water infection though it has not progressed into anything other than feeling a bit like what you get with Thrush , otherwise looks compeletely normal.

    I have a HIV DUO test booked 23/12 (28days from incident) , however just consumed with sick worry and more I read up, the more I fear the worst.Every bodily ache is not multiplied 10X's in my mind.

    Welcome your considered opinion.

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    Aug 2008

    receptive oral sex


    You are not HIV positive from this episode.

    The figures quoted are taken from a host of references neatly summarised in the document from BASHH which you can read here

    Best regards, Sean
    Freedom Health Online

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