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    HIV protected sex anxiety

    Hi there,

    I had protected anal and vaginal sex with a female sex worker yesterday using a durex condom. Afterwards I put it under a tap and there were no leaks. It stayed on throughout the sex. However, I always go into a panic and think I have HIV.

    Is there any risk? I have booked to have a post exposure 7 day test with you.

    I would really appreciate your advice.


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    Hello Will,
    Thank you for your post.
    Becuase you used a condom thoughout intercourse and this remained in place and intact, there was no riks at all, certianly not HIV.
    Bearing all this in mind, you do not even need testing. The only justification for you to have this test is for your peace of mind, and not on medical grounds as there was no risk.
    On our website you can find information about HIV transmission risks and the HIV early detection test.
    Best wishes,
    Freedom Health Online

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    Protected sex anxiety

    Hi Jose,

    Thanks for your reply. I still get worried because some sites say protected sex is very low risk whereas you have said no risk. We have met before and so you know I am a worrier but any comments about the above would be appreciated. The only other thing I am worrying about is because I have touched her genitalia a bit on the outside and then masturbated a few moments later, is this an HIV risk as well?



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    Hi Will,
    You need to relax a bit. No, that would be no risk of HIV.
    Using condoms is totally safe provided that they reamin intact and in place. When they say that there is a small risk is because there is always the possibility that they might come off or break.
    Best wishes,
    Freedom Health Online

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