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    masterbation, semen, Risk?

    Hi Doc

    can you tell me the risk of Hiv

    i was lying on my back masturbating and the other guy was on top of me just after i came on my chest, the guy came over me, some of his semen landed on my chest and onto my penis, what is the risk, as i think some of his semen may have landed on the head of my penis, would i be at any risk of Hiv if he was Hiv

    we didnt have any anal sex. or oral, it was masturbating only, but im concerned of the risk with fluid getting on/in my penis


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    masterbation, semen, Risk?

    Good Morning

    I don't believe this represents a risk.

    I understand why you might worry as we tend to say that the head of the penis is the most vulnerable but

    • unlikely he was HIV positive in the first place
    • even if he was this is a terribly random and unlikely route of trasnfer
    • HIV needs ideal conditions for transfer and these are not ideal by any means

    I really would not be concerned by this.

    best regards, Sean
    Freedom Health Online

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    so in your opinion then i dont need to test with this situation
    thanks doc

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    masterbation, semen, Risk?


    Again, no I do not think you do. I do not believe you are at risk.

    best regards, Sean
    Freedom Health Online

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