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    sex with ladyboy

    I occassionally meet a ladyboy for sex but am starting to get a bit neurotic about STIs. We kiss extensively, do oral on each other WITH condoms, and they jerk each other off WITHOUT condoms. There may be some accidental penis to penis contact but its pretty transitory. Is there any risk of an STI in this activity ? If yes then what could be done to reduce the risk (apart from not doing it in the first place !).

    We do not do any anal sex - would this increase the risk if we did ?

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    Aug 2008

    sex with ladyboy


    No, this seems to be a relatively innocent activity and personally I wouldn't be concerned about it.

    It is always a good idea to have STD and HIV tests from time to time especially if you are having sex with different partners +/- sex workers.

    Protected anal sex should be fine provided you are sure the condom remains on and intact throughout.

    It is a good idea to get your self immunised against hepatitis a and b if you are not already - so that if there is an accident then you are protected.

    Remember also that if you do have anal sex with anyone then there is a risk that there may be a condom break and that if that does happen and the other person is HIV positive there is a risk of HIV transfer. You can limit the risk of HIV transfer by being aware of PEP.

    Best regards, Sean
    Freedom Health Online

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    Thanks very much for your speedy reply I'll try to stop worrying !!.
    Thanks also for this brilliant forum and keep up the good work. Its a real life saver for people with a sex drive but without a regular partner !!

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