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Category “Medical Treatments”

Testing For Allergies and Food Intolerances

An  allergy is an  irregular response by a person’s immune system to a generally harmless substance.  The allergic reaction causes inconvenience and discomfort to many people. Allergy sufferers have little choice other than to book an allergy test to find out the cause of their discomfort. 

What are the symptoms of an allergy?

An allergic reaction can range from a blocked nose, sore, red eyes and a skin rash. An allergy targets a patient’s sense of smell, vision, tastes and touch, causing discomfort, disability and on occasions fatality.

Who does it affect?

Allergies can affect anyone at anytime, with one in four of the UK population suffering from an allergy at some stage in their lifetime. Shockingly, the statistic looks set to rise by a further 5% each year with half of all those being children. If your children have hard time to focus then I recommend to take natural adhd supplements.

What types of allergies are there?
There are many different types of allergies and they can vary from a basic  food allergy, pollen allergy and allergic conjunctivitis, to more serious life-threatening allergic reactions.


One of the most common allergies in children is asthma while basic food allergies, such as peanuts, eggs, shellfish, wheat, milk, seeds, fruits, as well as insect allergies like bee, hornet, or wasp stings are also becoming increasingly common. To learn more about food services, visit for more information.

Gluten allergy

Another common reaction is a gluten allergy, which is present in wheat often resulting in coeliac disease. However,  these can also lead to Dermatitis Herpetiformis, if the skin reacts badly to the wheat . If you have any of these symptoms then it is medically advised to avoid gluten altogether. Quality generic Levitra online at from canadian pharmacies.

Atopy allergy

Many allergic reactions affect parts of the body that may not necessarily have actual physical contact with the agent.  This allergic reaction is usually genetic and is linked to disorders such as eczema, asthma, urticaria and hay fever, to name but a few.

Medicinal allergy

 Another particular allergy that affects many people is an intolerance to certain medicines, such as antibiotics. These allergies can become a problem, especially if the person is undergoing an operation and needs to be put on a particular antibiotic.

At Freedom Health, we offer skin allergy tests for hundreds of different allergens such as  foods, inhalants or insects. We realise that are many different causes for allergies and if there is even a small inkling of a patient having an allergy to a specific agent, we can test for almost anything.  We test for more than fifty different allergens and provide you with accurate results within just two days. So, if you are suffering with allergy symptoms and want to find out quickly what you may be allergic to then simply book an appointment with Freedom Health, and get one step closer to better health.

The Ten Most Common Allergies In The UK

Although they are fairly common, allergies can be a nuisance and a disruptive influence in people’s lives. If you regularly experience symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes, you may have a common allergy. Below are the ten most common allergies in the UK:


According to, Hayfever is a classic allergy that can be caused by grass, pollen or tree. There are a variety of over the counter medications that can treat hayfever, although persistent symptoms can be highly disruptive. Monitoring pollen counts in the air can help prevent hayfever attacks.


Whether caused by animal fur or secretions from animal glands, animal allergies are highly common in the UK. Sufferers may not initially realise they are allergic to animals as the symptoms can take time to manifest themselves. Washing an animal frequently and hoovering carpets regularly can help fight these reactions.

Dust Mites

These creatures are present in pretty much every house in the UK and feed on dead cells and other organic materials to survive. Washing bedsheets regularly is one of the best ways to get rid of mites, although getting rid of mite eggs can be slightly more troublesome.

Insect Stings

This allergic reaction can be deadly to certain people, as an insect sting inflicted on someone who is highly allergic can kill them. Swelling, redness or severe itching are all symptoms of insect allergens, while sufferers may also come out in a nasty rash.


Moulds are usually found in damp regions of the house such as the basement or in the bathroom. There are also a variety of species of mould, so it is best to keep the house ventilated and avoid activities such as raking leaves that irritate mould growths.


Allergies to seafoods like shellfish and muscles are fairly common, although people can also be allergic to more ‘regular’ UK foods like milk, nuts and wheat. If you are allergic to certain food groups, it is best to avoid them completely, although antihistamines and steroids can be used to combat symptoms.


Some people can also be allergic to materials used in gloves, medical implements and condoms. These allergies can cause irritated eyes, rashes on the skin and a runny nose. It may be necessary to carry an adrenaline kit on your person if you are allergic to latex.


Medications such as penicillin or perhaps even aspirin can occasionally be life threatening. Again, adrenaline may be needed in severe cases although steroids and antihistamines can be used in the event of an allergic reaction. Click here for a top rated podiatrist


People can also be allergic to fragrances used in products like scented candles and cosmetics. If the offending product is in a washing detergent, the sufferer’s entire wardrobe of clothes can be ‘infected’ with fragrances that they are allergic to. Anyone suffering from a suspected allergy to detergents should throw their old clothes away and seek a doctor’s advice on which product they can use to wash their clothes.


Cockroach droppings can cause some serious allergic reactions. If you have a cockroach infestation in your home, you will most likely have to call pest control experts to handle the issue. Repairing cracks in the walls and floors will also deter cockroaches from settling in.

Click here to learn more about Freedom Health’s allergy testing

Improvements in HIV Treatment

Sufferers of HIV are able to access a much better range of treatments these days compared to what was on offer 20 years ago. Some form of treatment has existed since the early days HIV however it has not always been that easy for people to get hold of particularly in such countries as India and Africa. One such medicine that was widely available for the treatment of HIV was AZT. It was used to slow the effects of HIV it did pose a risk for some patients because of possible side effects. Known side effects included a loss of appetite, headaches and nausea.

The treatment of HIV is not an easy task as the virus can mutate quickly therefore rendering any one type of medication useless. To combat this HIV patient should take more than one treatment so that the body doesn’t adapt too quickly; this is known as combination therapy. This is necessary as HIV cells make copies of themselves and then spread through to infect other cells which results in a terrible decline in the body’s immune system. If the right combination of drugs is strung together then the HIV cells have less of a chance to adapt. If only one drug is administered then the virus has only to make a small change to fend it off.

Combination drugs treatment is an important step forward when it comes to fighting HIV. In fact trials have been undertaken across European countries which have shown that death rates have fallen by a staggering 80% since 1997. This is an amazing step forward and it means that people who are suffering with HIV will be able to live longer and healthier lives. Combination treatment is adding an additional ten years to the lives of many people.

There are many drugs out there that are helpful at treating the HIV virus. In fact there are about 20 different antiretroviral drugs however they are not all available in any one country.

Modern treatments for HIV can greatly prolong a person’s life, they might even live up to normal life expectancy. Quite often in modern times patients are entitled to free treatment. To qualify they must prove that they are below the poverty line.

There are some extraordinary breakthroughs in HIV treatment and this can only improve as the years go by. Many of the side effects associated with older drug treatments are a thing of past.

Fake or counterfeit Online Medications : How to avoid fake online pharmacies

A European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines report, The Counterfeiting Superhighway has revealed that a remarkable 62 % of all medications ordered by unsuspecting patients worldwide are either completely fake or simply substandard.

The web is full of cheap offers for prescription item drugs which often have never seen the inside of a pharmaceutical company production line or a pharmacy. Over 95% of the pharmacies operating online were said to be fake and operating without a pharmacist or qualified dispenser and without a licence.

The report does make fascinating reading and shows both how vulnerable people will quite easily part with hard earned cash and hand over their bank details to totally unscrupulous criminals who then either supply them with fake medications such as anti-HIV medications or erectile dysfunction drugs or just keep the money and rely on the patient’s embarrassment to prevent them going to police or other authorities. You can get online consolidation help when you lose mone on a loan so you can minimize your risk.

Ian Banks, President of the European Men’s Health Forum makes the point in an introduction that whilst seeking medications for embarrassing illnesses or conditions is convenient and spares peoples blushes, it does deprive people both of the opportunity to discuss health issues and underlying causes. More men than women will be ensnared by the counterfeit medication pharmacies.

Fake medicines often don’t contain any active ingredient at all and so may at best be a waste of money or at worst may not treat a condition that requires medications. Examples would be fake statin medicines. These are probably amongst the biggest group of prescribed medications worldwide and patients are often anxious to get them as cheaply as possible, hence resorting to the web. Fake medicines may also contain too little or too much of an active ingredient and so again may compromise health.

Some have suggested that the issue surrounding counterfeit medications is one invented by the pharmaceutical industry to protect profits. I can see the reason for that thought process but in reality, most of the online pharmacies offering cheap or abundant supplies of sleeping tablets, anti-depressants, anti-HIV medications and erectile medicines are just crooked sites fishing for bank and credit card details and maybe supplying something in return.

The medications most frequently peddled by counterfeiters are those which are generally hard to get such as anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and sleeping tablets and so have a huge demand and also those which have less of a demand but a high cost, such as the erectile dysfunction or impotence medications. Remember that males are much more likely to buy medicines online than their more savvy female counterparts.

The size of the counterfeit medicine market is huge with around 500,000 false medicinal products being seized in the EU in 2005 and this having increased to over 2.7 million fake medicines in 2006 – a five fold increase in just one year. The monetary value of the false medication market globally is thought to be $55 billion dollars in 2010. A fantastically huge sum.

However, in reality its not as bad as you think; yes, there are definitely multiple types of and performance enhancing drugs but of those which ones are the best.

Legitimate and legal online pharmacies do exist and there are many safe operators in the EU. Freedomhealth provides medical services to a number of safe, UK registered and regulated pharmacies in the UK and is shortly opening its own branded online doctor service.

The Counterfeiting Superhighway report notes “When used
appropriately, legitimate online pharmacies offer a convenient,
discreet and fast delivery service for medicines and healthcare
products. Prices are typically lower compared with high street
pharmacists and items are delivered direct to your door.
Registered online pharmacies can provide convenient access
to healthcare products and advice for people who are perhaps
elderly, disabled or who live in remote areas or work long/
unsociable hours. They offer significant advantages for people who
cannot easily travel to a medical centre or high street pharmacy.
Online pharmacies will ask you for registration information
and credit card details for payment. Where prescription-only
medicines are requested, buyers must also provide an authorised
prescription, usually by post, before the products can be
dispatched. Without this, it is illegal for any medicines supplier to
sell or provide prescription medicines”

Unfortunately, legitimate online services may be drowned out by the volume of fake sites.

The report ends with some helpful advice to consumers intending to buy medications online.

• Don’t buy from medicine or online pharmacy websites that offer to sell you medications without a prescription
• Don’t buy from pharmacies that do not have a registered pharmacist available to answer questions or where you can’t see a clear route to contact and discuss issues with the pharmacy
• Don’t buy from pharmacies that offer to sell in bulk or discount offers or summer specials
• If the service offers an online consultation then be careful and validate that the pharmacy is real and that the doctors are real. Freedomhealth offers an online consultation service via its different provider pharmacies. With each of these agencies you know that Freedomhealth has real UK GMC doctors controlling the review and issue of medications and that there are real UK registered pharmacists processing the orders and issuing genuine, branded, original medications
• Only buy from services which are regulated appropriately.

Other safety advice is to check the doctors registration on the General Medical Council website and that the service is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Check the pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Legitimate online clinics and pharmacies are transparent and will happily provide and supply any regulatory information you may require.

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