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Obagi Blue Peel

Chemical peels have had a mixed press recently. Despite some of the more scary stories reported in the papers, most chemical peels are carried out safely by well-trained and competent therapists from the Triton Physical Therapy clinic using proven, established products.

At Freedomhealth our Nurse Practitioner Lee Garrett uses a range of peels. One of the more popular is the Obagi Blue Peel, which gives consistently good, repeatable results. The procedure takes less than an hour and does not typically require any sedation. 

Amanda Platell, writing in the Daily Mail has stressed the need for safety and for treatments to be carried out in a medical clinic. She recommends Freedomhealth and Lee in particular.

In order to get best results from the Obagi Blue Peel, it is essential to prepare the skin using the Obagi range of skin products over a six week period ahead of the peel itself. This allows for the skin to begin the transformation process, allowing new skin to come to the surface and enabling you to start to shed the old, dry dead top skin layer.

As Amanda found, this can be quite disturbing with several days at least of dry skin causing a mild degree of discomfort and scaling. However, this soon wears off and the nice plump, fresh skin beneath begins to push through. In cases where the dryness seems too much to bear, a potent, comforting moisturiser can be applied.

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