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Testimonial from Amanda Platell of the Daily Mail

Photorejuvenation treatments which uses BroadBand Light to treat more serious scarring and pigmentation problems to create a really beautiful complexion.

The treatment is also complementary to our laser skin peels. It is already proving extremely popular with our existing clients and is set to become a must for special occasions. For more information or to book an appointment call 0207 637 1600 and speak with one of our friendly receptionists.

Amanda Platell of the Daily Mail says:


Freedom Health

It was at times an uncomfortable, often comical journey of rejuvenation. Over the past two months, even though parts of my face seem to have been falling off, for most of the time I could hide my red, blotchy and flaky skin with ordinary make-up. I could still work (even on TV), go out and be a normal human being.

I may have provided much amusement to my loved ones, but I no longer look my age. I thought a non-surgical facelift would be virtually useless, but how wrong I was. I could kiss Lee.

My lines have significantly reduced and my skin is so fresh and clear I go out without make-up. Most importantly, I don’t feel I have betrayed or abused myself by having cosmetic surgery.

There is no Botox or Restylane (a dermal filler), no needles or knives, just a laser light that stimulates the old collagen cells and makes them remember what it was like to be a teenager.

The result, well, judge for yourself. I’m delighted and people have told me I look ‘radiant’.

But most of all I’m happy that if anyone asks if I’ve ‘had anything done’ I can honestly say No. And that means a lot to an old bag fast approaching 50 read the full story here.

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