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Evolence Dermal Filler

Note we no longer offer Evolence Dermal fillers as we use other products that we feel achieve better results.

Replace the collagen you lost with collagen that lasts

What is Evolence?

The Evolence product line represents a breakthrough in treating the effects of aging by replacing the collagen you’ve lost with collagen that lasts.  A truly novel dermal filler, Evolence can immediately improve and refresh your appearance by smoothing out and softening unwanted facial lines, wrinkles and folds and restoring structure and facial contour in volume depleted areas.  The visible, natural looking results are achieved immediately with minimal to no downtime so you can get right back to your daily activities.  These immediate results last for up to 12 months so you can avoid the costly repeat treatments often associated with other fillers.

Evolence is injected by a trained physician or healthcare professional and your desired results may be achieved in just one visit.  Only your physician or healthcare professional can determine the best treatment approach for achieving your desired results.

Why is collagen so important for achieving a refreshed, youthful appearance?

Collagen is natures most fundamental and abundant building block.  In fact, collagen makes up 70% to 80% of the skins dermis, providing structure, strength and support.  Collagen depletes naturally over time as we age leading to a tired or aged appearance.  This happens through the formation of new lines, wrinkles and folds and also changes in facial contour and structure.  The natural pace of collagen loss can be accelerated by such factors as sun exposure, genetics, hormonal changes and smoking.  By replacing lost collagen with an advanced collagen compound, Evolence dermal filler can help enhance and maintain the structure, volume and naturally younger looking appearance of your skin.

What makes Evolence different?

Evolence is a dermal filler made of natural collagen that has been naturally cross linked so it mimics the 3-dimensional structure of your skins own collagen.  This allows it to integrate beautifully and support your skins own existing collagen network by adding structure, strength and volume for a natural look and feel that lasts.

Where is Evolence used?

Evolence products are recommended for the correction of moderate to deep nasolabial wrinkles and folds (smile lines) and for the correction of contour deficiencies or defects of soft tissues (for example cheeks, nose, chin and outer ear areas).

Is Evolence right for me?

Your physician or healthcare professional will help you determine the best treatment approach for achieving the desired results.

Key Facts about Evolence:

  • Evolence is an advanced collagen based dermal filler that provides long lasting treatment for  the corrections of facial winkles and folds
  • Evolence Breeze has a more finely textured consistency and is ideal for contouring and enhancement of lips and fine lines around the lips
  • Evolence and Evolence Breeze can last up to 12 months in the skin
  • Evolence is injected into the mid dermis (a deeper layer of skin) and integrates well into the skin for a natural appearance.  The body absorbs it gradually over time following the natural aging process

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