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Facial Wasting Treatment

We no longer offer BioAlcamid as a treatment option. The reasons for this are firstly safety concerns in certain patients and secondly a huge hike in price by the manufacturer which put the product out of the reach of many patients.

We do offer a host of other, well-established and safe products for large volume replacement.

Freedom Health

Facial wasting is a debilitating condition causing huge psychological injury for sufferers. It is not uncommon for patients to avoid having photographs taken, remove mirrors from their houses and to avoid looking into shop or car windows. The face they see looking back just isn’t theirs.

HIV facial wasting may be stigmatising and people may feel the condition marks them out as having HIV. They feel good and healthy on the inside but look ill on the outside.

Freedomhealth has a specialist interest in treating facial and Aids wasting. Dr Sean Cummings has an international reputation and treats patients from literally all over the world. Recent patients have travelled from Japan, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North America.

We no longer use the product BioAlcamid in our practice. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, safety concerns over long term use in certain groups of patients and secondly, a massive price hike by the manufacturer putting the product beyond the reach of most patients. We now routinely use the hyaluronic products Sub Q and Juvederm Voluma and also calcium hydroxyapatite, Radiesse.

In general, most of the patients Sean sees and treats have significant wasting, usually grade 2-4 of the Carruthers grading scale. These present significant challenges in terms of repair. The results are outstanding.

We are happy to consult remotely by email and give a general idea as to whether we can assist and how much product and consequently the cost is required. All we ask is that you send three recent, well lit photo’s, preferably by digital camera to us by email with a brief treatment history and some comment about your general health. The photo’s should be front, straight on, slightly to left and slightly to right.

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