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Perlane Line & Wrinkle Treatment

Rest assured you will be in expert hands in an ultra-clean, very comfortable and friendly Central London Clinic approved and registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Cosmetic Treatment truly is a pleasure at Freedomhealth.

Perlane Line Reducing Injection Clinic, Harley Street, London

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Perlane Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Restylane’s first product was introduced to Europe in 1996 to fill-out age-related wrinkles. Later Perlane was created to help remove age-related skin folding and also to fill-out lips. Restylane’s ‘Touch’ was then added for the treatment of fine-lines. There’s even a product to help you sculpt your look…..

Sculpting with Restylane

Restylane Sub-Q is a product intended for sculpting and reforming the contours of the face, for example, making the cheeks or chin more pronounced by providing increased volume in the facial tissue. SubQ can also be used as an alternative to, or as a supplement for a traditional facelift, creating that perfect heart shape face, or as they say in New York, the Y shape face.

Safe and Non-Allergenic

Unlike similar products, such as collagen, Restylane is not based on an animal product and allergic responses are extremely rare. In fact, unlike other products, no allergy tests are required. The products are naturally degradable over time, usually lasting 6-12 months.

Treatments are simple and safe and give immediate results. Almost three million injections in more than 70 countries have been carried out. Swelling and some temporary tenderness can occur.

The major alternative to a dermal fillers is a drug which practitioners use to paralyse the forehead muscles thereby reducing frown lines and giving a more youthful look [more details]. The effects of this treatment are relatively short-lived and may restrict expression. There are no such side-effects with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be targeted precisely and can often be removed if the desired results are not achieved. We offer both types of treatment at Freedomhealth and our consultation is designed to ensure you get the best and safest result available.

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