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Profractional Laser Treatment

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ProFractional Gold Standard For Skin Rejuvenation

ProFractional is a ablative laser treatment, that removes micro-columns of damaged skin tissue, resulting in a deep thermal response with excellant and fast results.

Ablative V Non-Ablative

Where as non-ablative fractional treatments leave thousands of micro-columns of hot necrotic (dead) debris in the treated skin, this results in excess heat from the debris, left in the skin causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. ProFractional instantly ablates the hot debris from the tissue (skin), reducing pain and irritation, and speeding recovery.

Clean micro-channels made from the ProFractional, have the same total thermal zone as non-ablative treatments without the sloughing, irritation or pain.

ProFractional uses unique pulse that maintains precise control of micro-channel diameter at depths from 20 microns (.02mm) to 1500 microns (1.5mm), which is the skins thickness in some areas of the face.

The clean micro-channels close and heal rapidly for faster recovery than non-ablative fractional treatments. ProFractional can selectively treat from 1.5% to 60% of the skin area in a single pass for fast treatments.

ProFractional quickly and effectively treats

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Skin Tone and Texture
  • Pigment

The above is all achieved in a single pass, treatment. ProFractional reduces unwanted collateral damage by instantly removing necrotic tissue and unnecessary heat providing you the patient with a more comfortable treatment experience.


Single session from £250 to £1450.00

Courses can be arranged after the first consultation, this is to individualise your treatment.

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