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Skin Tightening Consultation Treatment

SkinTyte, the Sciton Laser BBL pulsed light is the fastest laser available to treat skin laxity.


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In a matter of one treatment, patients are witnessing their loose skin tighten right before their eyes. The infrared thermal heat in the SkinTyte hand piece stimulates college to reproduce, tightening and reshaping one’s skin to its more youthful look, plus reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

After three to four recommended treatments spaced 3 weeks apart, patients are seeing dramatic results.

SkinTyte, can be used to treat a variety of body parts including the face, neck, hands, upper chest, and even the abdomen and arms. The integral thermo-electric cooler in the SkinTyte accessory reduces the discomfort of previous generation lasers.

Because it selectively treats areas of the skin, the improvement is more noticeable and the treatment non-invasive so there’s no downtime or recovery time’s safe and more effective than ever before.

This ground breaking technology improves the appearance of sun-damaged and aged skin as well as decreases patches of facial and neck redness and flushing, resulting in much younger looking skin after treatment. Many women are opting for SkinTyte treatment to tighten the skin on their necks without surgery, an area of concern for women.

The SkinTyte treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process which generates a renewed firmer collagen base that leads to skin tightening.

Prior to treatment, any make-up, ointments and creams must be removed and the patient wares protective goggles or adhesive eye patches. A numbing cream can be applied to the skin for added comfort but is really not necessary. A series of pulsed infrared light is then administered in rows or sections. Most parts of the body require between three and five one-hour treatments at intervals of three to four weeks.

SkinTyte can also help to diminish mild acne scars and reduces the pores on the skin. After the original series of treatments, periodic maintenance treatments are recommended and vary depending on the area treated.

Cost £500 per session, you will need 3 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart.

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