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Used by A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox, Ultherapy is the world’s most modern advancement in skin tightening. This innovative treatment offers a non-surgical facelift in a single one hour appointment with no downtime at all.

As a pioneer in skin treatments, Lee Garrett is one of the first professionals to provide this ground-breaking treatment in the UK. Whilst considering Ultherapy as an option to offer in his clinic, Lee reviewed patient reviews, clinical trials in America and the results real patients have experienced in the United States.

Lee was so amazed by the results produced by this new therapy that he invested in state of the art equipment immediately so he could begin to provide this revolutionary treatment for his patients.

Ultherapy is approved by the FDA to the highest standards for lifting and tightening the skin on the décolletage, neck, chin and brow area. Known to the press as the “Décolletage King”, Lee has been inundated with patients seeking improvement in this area using the very latest technology.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses ultrasound energy to heat deep tissue layers without causing disturbance to the skin surface. The tissue layers undergo changes as a result of this heating, which lead to the formation of new collagen along with tightening of the skin and deeper layers of muscle.

How does it work?

Ultherapy uses simultaneous ultrasound imaging to allow the practitioner to see tissue below the skin on screen. They can then target ultrasound energy at the exact temperature and depth. This target heating of tissues causes the skin to firm and tighten and stimulates the body to produce more collagen.

One treatment, amazing results

This therapy only requires one procedure to achieve results and doesn’t require repeated treatments like alternative skin tightening methods. Ultherapy is the only FDA approved treatment to cause a considerable lift of the skin in the décolletage, neck, brow and chin areas.

About Ultherapy

Ultherapy uses safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to boost the skin naturally without the need for surgery.

Ultrasound technology has been used safely in medicine for more than 50 years. Ultherapy utilises the power of ultrasound to rejuvenate the chin, brow, chest and neck. Clinically proven to be a safe and effective method, Ultherapy has been used in more than 350,000 treatment procedures all over the world.

To provide this collagen-stimulating treatment, Ultherapy relies on long-established ultrasound imaging and uses ultrasound therapy. This allows practitioners to view the layers of skin tissue being treated to make sure the energy is precisely delivered to the areas where it will be most beneficial.

Needle and toxin-free treatment

Unlike other methods such as lasers, surgery and radio frequency, Ultherapy is non-surgical. It bypasses the surface of the skin to provide a precise amount of ultrasound energy at exact depths and temperatures. This energy generates a natural response beneath the skin. The response jumpstarts the generation process and creates fresh collagen to increase the skin’s elasticity.

Natural results with no downtime

You might start to see the effects of Ultherapy immediately after treatment, but the real results materialise over a period of two to three months as the new collagen starts to lift and tighten the skin on the chest, neck, brow and chin, creating a smoother complexion. Although it won’t mirror the results of a surgical facelift, Ultherapy is a clinically proven alternative method for people who don’t want to undergo surgery. It can also be used to prolong the effects of previous cosmetic surgery.

One single treatment

In just one non-invasive Ultherapy session, the effects of time, gravity and sun exposure are counteracted and there’s no need for downtime afterwards.

Prior to treatment

The first thing you should do is organise a consultation with Lee, who will discuss your concerns with you, assess how suitable your skin is and determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Once you’ve booked the Ultherapy procedure, you won’t need to carry out any specific skincare preparations or regimens before treatment commences.

During the procedure

After cleansing your skin, Lee will apply the ultrasound gel and place the gentle applicator onto your skin. Using ultrasound imaging, he will then visualise deep within your skin to specifically determine the most beneficial area to focus the ultrasound energy. The focused energy will then be delivered beneath the skin’s surface.

Whilst the treatment is being delivered, you will be able to feel tiny amounts of energy being dropped to precise depths. This is an indication that the collagen building process has begun.

Comfort levels will vary between patients, but any sensations felt will only last as long as the energy distribution process.

The length of the procedure will depend on your individual treatment plan and which areas are being treated. Procedures in the face and neck usually take 30-90 minutes, whereas chest treatments can be completed within around half an hour.

After the procedure

With Ultherapy, there is no downtime! You’ll be able to carry on with your usual daily activities immediately after the procedure with no post-treatment restrictions or requirements.

Your skin might appear flushed at first, but the redness will subside within a few hours. Some patients experience mild swelling, tingling or tenderness, but these side-effects are only temporary and will wear off soon after treatment.

Less common side-effects include temporary bruising or numbness on small areas of the skin. As with all medical treatments, there is a chance that other rare side-effects may occur, but Lee will discuss these with you before treatment begins.

To learn more about this revolutionary treatment and your suitability for it, book a consultation with Lee Garrett today by calling us today

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