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Thread: TS-Escort

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    My name is Sam and I am a semi-frequent seer of transexual (male to female) sex workers.

    You have cleared me pretty much of my previous encounters due to very very low risk. I have now had another.

    Today I saw a Filipino transexual. She gave me an unprotected blow job to which I ejaculated in her mouth. I gave her a blow job WITH a condom on. She did not come.

    Two potential risk factors involved- her teeth grazed my penis at times giving me pain.
    Second risk- she got on top of me once or twice and sort of rubbed up and down me (she wanted me to fuck her) there was no insertion but rubbing perhaps.

    Please could you advise me as to the risk etc.

    Many thanks


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    Dr Sean's Avatar
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    Aug 2008

    TS escort HIV risk

    Hello Sam,

    There is no risk of HIV from what you have described.

    There is a clear risk of her transferring other STD's such as gonorrhoea etc if - and only if - she had these in her mouth.

    You should consider being screened for these STD's but there is no risk of HIV.

    best regards, Sean
    Freedom Health Online

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    Another episode

    Dr Sean,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It has been less than two weeks since that incident and today I saw another ts-escort. This is becoming a regular habit....

    Today I gave oral. She wore a condom. I received oral, with a condom. She then ejaculated on my stomach, and a bit hit my cheek. That was the extent of her ejaculation i believed. I then ejaculated.


    1) I kissed her penis (the top and shaft) when she was not wearing a condom. There was precut and i wiped it off my lips.

    2) Im wondering if some cum got in my eyes or mouth etc when she came. she came on my chest, but i did feel a tiny bit fling on my cheek.

    Please help/give advice.


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    Aug 2008
    Hello Sam,
    Certainly none of these would involve anyr HIV risk for you at all whatosever.
    Best wishes,
    Freedom Health Online

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