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  • Private Doctor & GP Services
  • Cosmetic & Facial Treatments
  • Travel Health Clinic
  • Discrete Sexual Health Screening
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A standard consultation lasts approximately 20 minutes. There are no additional charges made for medical certificates, referral letters or prescriptions during a consultation.


We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards (excluding American Express). We do not accept cheques.

Inital Consultation£160
Follow Up Consultation£140
Telephone Consultation£80
Email Consultation£80
Additional Procedures£25
Repeat Prescription£30
HGV/PCV Medical£140 (Payment required upon booking)
Well Man/Woman ScreenRegistered Patients £400 (£100 deposit required)
New Patients £450 (£100 deposit required)
1st Genital Wart Treatment & Consultation£185
2nd Genital Wart Treatment & Consultation£165
HIV RNA PCR Test & Consultation£280
HIV DUO Test & Consultation£149
HIV INSTI Test & Consultation£149
Hepatitis B Testsfrom £66plus consultation fee
Hepatitis C Testsfrom £66 plus consultaiton fee
Syphilis Test£75 plus consultation fee
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test£85 plus consultation fee
FAST TRACK £115 plus consultation fee
Hepatitis A Immunisation£56 plus consultation fee
Hepatitis B Immunisation£50 plus consultation fee
Hepatitis A & B Immunisation£70 plus consultation fee
Gardasil 9 Immunisation (Course of 3):
1st Injection£215 plus consultation fee
2nd Injection£215
3rd Injection£215
Full Sexual Health Screen & Consultation:
HIV Duo or HIV INSTI; Syphilis antibodies; Hepatitis B antigen; Hepatitis C antibodiess and antigen; Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea; Mycoplasma & Ureaplasma and various other skin bacterias
From £299
VIP Sexual Health Screen & Consultation:
All aspects of the Full Sexual Health Screen together with HIV 1&2 RNA PCR; Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B early detection screen and PCR testing for genital Mycoplas & Ureaplasma, Trichomonas, Gardnerella and Herpes 1&2
Early detection Full Sexual Health Screen & Consultation:
HIV/Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C PCR/NAAT or RAPID XPERT HIV-1 Qualitative early detection (10 day); Syphilis antibodies; same day Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea
From £330

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