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Buy Ventolin Asthma Inhalers Online

This new service from the Freedomhealth team allows you to buy up to 3 Ventolin asthma inhalers and have them delivered, next day, to your home or office. Some patients prefer to have them delivered to Freedomhealth at 60 Harley Street and we’re happy to accept delivery for you.

Freedomhealth provides a safe, secure mechanism where UK GMC registered doctors will prescribe for you and you then receive genuine, branded items from a major UK pharmacy.

We provide a secure, safe service. Your financial data is safe and your medicines are real, branded items. No dodgy offshore credit card processing and no funny counterfeit medicines. Safety throughout.

There are three simple steps to buying your Ventolin asthma inhalers online:

  1. Login or Register at the FreedomHealth Online asthma Treatment pages
  2. Click on the “Click to Order” button and fill in the short, easy questionnaire
  3. One of our permanent UK doctors will review your request and if appropriate an electronic prescription is issued to our partner pharmacy and you will receive your items, at your chosen address the next working day.

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