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Private Blood Testing Service in London Harley Street

We provide a fast, efficient private blood testing service at our smart, clean and Care Quality Commission registered premises in Central London.

We offer over 3000 different types of tests and so if you have a particular requirement, please contact us either by phone on 020 7637 1600 or by email at [email protected] giving as much detail as you can and we can then assist you.

So why use Freedomhealth for your private blood tests?

  • Lovely, friendly and non-judgemental staff
  • You can be as anonymous as you wish – confidentiality guaranteed
  • Fast, efficient private blood testing with results often within 4 hours
  • Smart, comfortable and sparklingly clean Central London Clinic
  • We only use sterile, single use equipment
  • We’re Care Quality Commission approved, registered and inspected
  • Our doctors are fully accredited and very experienced and very, very nice

What is the Private Blood Testing Service?

Blood testing is a very useful and efficient way of confirming good health or helping to identify a whole range of disease processes which might be difficult to confirm by clinical examination alone. Our Private Doctor blood testing service is designed to give you efficient and safe access both to private blood test and also comprehensive, accurate, up to date medical advice. We will discuss your individual needs and help you decide the best way forward.

Personalised responsible doctor service.

We’ll discuss your case and identify which if any blood tests you might benefit from having. Remember that many of these services are free of charge on the NHS for UK residents. We offer speed of service with very experienced physicians and very fast turn-around times for blood test results.

If you want us to we can supply your regular doctor with a report detailing the blood tests we have taken and the results. We will always let you have a copy of the results together with an explanatory note from us about them. We encourage you to talk to us on the phone about your tests.

Can you do any rare blood tests?

If there’s a particular blood test you require and you’re not certain whether we offer it, just ring or email us and ask. The answer is almost always “yes”.

We frequently provide the following blood tests:-

  • Thyroid function blood tests
  • Prostate blood test
  • Haematology and biochemistry
  • Parvovirus
  • Glandular Fever or Epstein Barr Virus blood test
  • Hepatitis Immunity
  • Blood group
  • HIV tests
  • Well woman and well man blood tests
  • Diabetes testing
  • Liver function tests
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