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Health Screening in London Harley Street

Full Health Screen

Most sexually active adults with a number of partners know they need a yearly MOT for their sexual health, it’s one of the most popular services we provide. But your sexual health is only a small part of your total physical health. We offer a comprehensive health screen which, despite its immeasurable benifits, is not routinely available through the NHS. Our full physical examination includes abdomen, chest, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, skin, eyes, ears and throat, testicular, rectal and prostate. Additionally, we use the latest diagnostic tests to screen for a wide range of problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol. We assess your liver function, kidney function and check for problems such as anemia and infection.

Additionally, if you’re at risk we’ll run tests for prostate abnormalities and bowel cancer.

These are excellent screening tests and will give us a good idea if you need any further investigation. The progress of many serious conditions can be entirely reversed with simple intervention when caught early. The tests are appropriate for both those who have specific health worries e.g. people with high cholesterol or diabetes, whose treatment needs to be monitored, as well as screening for otherwise healthy patients who just want reassurance. As with most investigations the trend is more important than a one-off result. Having tests done yearly enables us to spot trends that may need to be addressed.

In summary, below is a list of the contents of the Well person screening:


  • GENERAL: Weight, Height, BMI, Waist, Pupils
  • ENT
  • CARDIOVASCULAR: Blood pressure, Pulse rate, Peripheral pulses, Heart sounds


  • BIOCHEMISTRY: Kidney function, Liver enzymes & function, Cardiac enzymes, Blood sugar level, Cholesterol, Prostate profile(male) PAPT Test (female), Ferritin, FT4/TSH
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