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Sexual Health Screening Clinic in London Harley Street

  • Lovely, friendly, absolutely non-judgemental staff
  • You can be as anonymous as you like: You don’t have to give your real name
  • We’re fast, accurate and very nice
  • Sterile, single use, disposable equipment for complete reassurance and safety
  • Care Quality Commission Registered
  • Very comfortable, sparklingly clean clinic

We offer many Sexual Health Screens from £299

Our Sexual Health Screen for £299 includes:-

  • A blood test for HIV (using either an HIV INSTI test or an HIV DUO test, syphilis and hepatitis B antigen for acute infection or hepatitis b immunity.
  • A urine test for STD/STI looking for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, Non Specific Urethritis and general urine infections
  • Physical examination for genital herpes and genital warts and testicular examination in males
  • Vaginal swabs or urine tests for women for trichomonas and bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • Rectal and / or oral swabs can be carried out for a small extra cost per swab

We also offer a VIP Sexual Health Screen costing £599 and includes:-

  • The Full Sexual Health Screen as detailed above, together with:-
  • Swabs for HPV (wart virus)
  • Blood or swab or urine for herpes 1 and 2 virus
  • Very early HIV and Hepatitis C RNA PCR screen at 10 days after possible exposure.

Guide To Sexual HealthClick the image above to download a free copy of our sexual health brochure

Private GUM / STD Clinic London

Private GUM / STD Clinic’s in London provide faster and more convenient STD care than many hospital clinics. Freedomhealth is a very friendly clinic where we want you to be as comfortable and at ease as possible.

We have a small team of regular doctors so you’ll be certain to see an experienced, kind doctor who has been with us for a long time. We don’t hire locums and you’ll see the same friendly faces if you need to come back.

No embarrassment, very friendly non-judgemental staff and complete discretion are keys to our professional service.

Call us on 020 7637 1600 and speak with one of our friendly, helpful staff.

Freedomhealth will provide you with probably the best level of medical, sexual health and aesthetic care in the UK.

Your care and comfort are our first priority and where we can’t provide that level of care ourselves we will make sure that we refer you on to an appropriate and friendly expert who can.

Freedomhealth caters for men and women who want to be treated quickly and without fuss by reputable doctors in a friendly, non-judgemental & non-discriminatory environment. Research has shown that many people will very often avoid sharing the complete details about their lifestyle with their usual GP.

Gay men can be especially worried that their employer or mortgage company may discover their sexuality and discriminate against them. They may even worry about hostility from the GP himself. People using recreational drugs or steroids may also feel they have nowhere to turn for impartial, non-judgmental advice.

At Freedomhealth we have re-invented medical services. You’re in control and we’ll provide you with the careful, bespoke medical service you need.

We are pleased to offer a totally confidential, private, General Practice service. You will find all the usual services you would expect from your GP – from advice on minor illnesses to help with more serious and intimate conditions. We offer a wide range of testing services including many same-day sexual health and general medical tests.

We provide a clinic-based service in London to whoever wishes to use us – wherever you live. You can come along once, to deal with a specific issue, or use us as your regular GP.

We are highly experienced, well-trained GPs with specialisations in general medicine, recreational drug use, alcohol and drug problems, and sexual health.

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