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Genital Warts Testing and Treatment – HPV Immunisation

Call 020 3051 7597 for 100% Confidential Genital Wart and HPV testing and treatment.

What is HPV?

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  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the world’s commonest STD and causes warts and also cervical, vulval, anal and other types of pre-cancers and cancers.
  • The HPV virus has many subtypes, the most common of which are types 6, 11, 16 and 18.
  • HPV 6 and 11 causes’  external genital warts whilst 16 and 18 are invisible and may cause genital and anal cancers if untreated.
  • External genital warts take a long time to clear, require intensive treatment and are often very distressing.
  • Infection with the virus is typically transient so a person may clear an infection after a short period.
  • Because we will often periodically clear infections it is possible to use this knowledge to vaccinate against the virus and also reinfection.
  • Genital warts treatment using liquid nitrogen, laser, curetting, surgical excision and also imiquinod cream is available routinely.
  • At Freedomhealth we are keen to vaccinate against HPV at the earliest opportunity.
  • Our preferred routine at Freedomhealth is to use PCR testing to identify if a person already has the HPV virus.
  • If there is no proven infection then we would be keen to immunise using the vaccine called Gardasil.
  • Gardasil is given once, then after two months and finally after three months. A booster is likely to be needed from time to time.

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