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Gonorrhoea Symptoms, Testing & Treatment

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Gonorrhoea Symptoms – Gonorrhoea Testing and Treatment

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Gonorrhoea is a common bacterial sexually transmitted disease. The most common groups affected are young people – young men aged between 20 and 24 years and young women aged between 16 and 19 years. The annually recorded figures have shown enormous rises since the early to mid 1990’s, probably as people relaxed their use of condoms in response to the AIDS epidemic of the early 1980’s. On this website http://www.noc2healthcare.com/levitra-generic/ you find generic Levitra discount coupons.

Gonorrhoea symptoms will vary depending on which part of your body is affected and if you are male or female.

Gonorrhoea Symptoms in Females

  • In females the inside part of the cervix – called the endocervix – may be infected without symptoms in around 50% of cases. This is particularly important because undiagnosed infection in this area may cause damage and scarring to reproductive organs and cause difficulty with conception later.
  • Increased vaginal discharge is the most common symptom with it occurring in around 50% of cases.
  • Low abdominal pain may occur in around 25% of women with gonorrhoea.
  • Infection of the urethra – the tube you pee through – will cause symptoms in around 12% of women.
  • Rectal infection will occur – but usually through spread through the mucosal wall from the vagina rather than by anal sex.
  • Infection in the throat does not give any symptoms in over 90% of cases.

Gonorrhoea Symptoms in Males

  • Infection of the tube you pee through – the urethra – will give a discharge in up to 80% of men with another 50% or so having pain when they pee. It is possible not to have any symptoms at all.
  • Rectal infection in men is usually due to anal sexual activity – which can include rimming, penetration or partial penetration without a condom and also with fingers which have been contaminated with infected fluids. It usually does not cause symptoms, although when it does discharge and pain are the commonest.
  • Infection in the throat is usually without symptoms – in over 90%.

Gonorrhoea Testing

We use state of the art testing methods and use a first rate laboratory, the Doctors Laboratory for all our analysis. Wherever possible we will take urine samples instead of urethral swabs. We will try to combine detection with determining the antibiotic sensitivity of the gonorrhoea.

Gonorrhoea Treatment

  • Gonorrhoea is very quick to become resistant to different antibiotics and so we make sure we are fully acquainted of local and global resistance patterns before formulating our treatment strategy.
  • Our current treatment of choice is to use ceftriaxone 500mg injection and 1 g azithromycin in tablet form. This is the most up to date recommendation from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

Gonorrhoea Test Appointments

  • To make a convenient appointment please call us on 020 7637 1600 or just walk-in Monday to Friday.
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