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Private HIV Tests in London Harley Street

Fast, affordable private HIV tests at a friendly, smart, Central London walk-in HIV and STD testing and treatment Clinic. We provide the following HIV tests as a routine:-


  • A very rapid reliable test with results in 1 minute
  • Ideal for possible exposures to HIV which occurred more than 3 months ago
  • It gives a very fast, very accurate answer

There is a minimal wait for the test and you have the opportunity to discuss your circumstances with one of our extremely experienced and kind doctors.  Call us on 020 7637 1600 for a rapid INSTI appointment or just walk in. The HIV INSTI test is a modern third (3rd) generation same day HIV test.

HIV DUO test

  • Very accurate test with results typically available in 4 working hours
  • Ideal for possible exposures to HIV which occurred more than 28 days ago
  • Tests for antibodies to HIV 1 and 2 together with p24 antigen

You will have ample opportunity to discuss your fears and concerns with one of our experienced and lovely doctors. Call us on 020 7637 1600 for an HIV DUO test appointment or just walk in. The HIV DUO test is a 4th generation combined HIV antibody and HIV p24 antigen test with same day results.


  • Diagnosis of HIV 1 and 2 from as early as 10 days after possible exposure to HIV
  • Exceptionally accurate test
  • Allows for peace of mind very early on
  • Up to 5 working days for results

Call us on 020 7637 1600 for an HIV RNA PCR test appointment.

Rapid Xpert HIV-1 RNA qualitative early detection HIV testing from 10 days with same day results.

  • Diagnosis of HIV 1 from as early as 10 days after possible exposure to HIV
  • Exceptionally accurate test- similar to HIV RNA PCR test
  • Same day results


Guide To Sexual HealthClick the image above to download a free copy of our sexual health brochure

Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Post Exposure Prophylaxis is available from Freedomhealth. This provides very valuable protection after a possible high risk exposure and is proven to reduce the chances of acquiring HIV infection.

Why Choose FreedomHealth HIV Test Clinic in London

  • You can be as anonymous as you like – security and confidentiality guaranteed
  • Lovely, comfortable and sparklingly clean clinic
  • Very friendly, helpful and non-judgemental staff
  • We’re fast, expert, accurate and very, very nice
  • Sterile, single use, disposable instruments for your complete safety
  • HIV INSTI test results in 1 mnute. HIV DUO test results in 4 hours, even at weekends.
  • Care Quality Commission Registered
  • Featured in The Financial Times; The Daily Mail; The Spectator; The Times; Tatler.
  • Visit our Sexual Health Forum for a range of everyday sexual health questions and answers.
  • We’re partnered with Medhelp.org

The UK Health Protection Agency estimates (in its report dated Nov 2011) that approximately 120,000 adults have been diagnosed with HIV in the UK in the last 30 years of whom about 27,000 have developed AIDS and more than 20,000 have died. There are currently approximately 91,500 people living with HIV (HIV positive) of whom 22,000 are unaware they are HIV positive. The HPA goes on to say that much of the increase in HIV infections occurs in men who have sex with other men.

Of the 6,600 new HIV infections in the UK in the HPA report 3000 (45%) were in men who have sex with other men – the highest ever number. Approximately 50% of people acquired their infection heterosexually.

This ultimately means that the overall chances of acquiring HIV through heterosexual sex with a UK resident remains low.

HIV Duo Test – HIV 28 Day Test

The HIV antibody/p24 antigen Duo Test is an excellent, accurate and inexpensive HIV test that reliably detects HIV infection that occurred just 28 days prior to the test. This HIV test is known as the ‘Duo’ because it tests for both HIV antibodies as well as the ‘HIV P24 antigen’. The HIV p24 antigen is a core HIV viral protein which becomes detectable at approximately 10 days post exposure, peaks at 16 days or so and then remains at high level for 8 to 10 weeks post exposure. It will then fluctuate over the rest of the course of the illness. HIV p24 antigen is extremely useful in combination with an HIV antibody test in determining early on whether an individual has been infected with HIV. The HIV DUO test is extremely accurate at 28 days and is now the test recommended by the new UK Guidelines on HIV testing 2008.

We send a small blood sample to our laboratory and the results are usually available in a few hours. The HIV DUO test including p24 antigen is rated as 99.89% accurate.

For more detailed information on the HIV DUO test please click the links below

HIV Antibody Test – HIV 6 week Test

This is similar to the traditional HIV test that many people receive from GUM clinics except that we are able to give you your results in a matter of just 2 minutes, i.e. whilst you are still with the doctor. A small blood sample will be taken. You may prefer the speed of this test to the HIV Duo test (above) if you are unlikely to have been infected in the previous 6 weeks days. We use the Insti HIV test kit which is very reliable for detection of possible infection greater than 6 weeks days before the test.

This HIV test is rated as 99.9% accurate.

HIV PCR Test – Results from 10 Days!

You may also have heard of HIV PCR testing. This is the most sensitive HIV test available and aims to test for HIV 1 infection that occurred as little as 10 days prior to the test. This HIV PCR test is not 100% reliable but it is a guide for those that are desperate for some peace of mind at the earliest opportunity. We recommend that this HIV test is followed-up with an HIV Duo Test at 28 days after the suspected infection. Like the HIV Duo test, a blood sample is sent to our laboratory and the results should be with you typically in 3 working days. This test will help allay fears over the possible early symptoms of HIV. Cheap generic Viagra online reviews on https://www.caladrius.com/buy-viagra-cheap-generic-online/.

We provide a full range of HIV test and testing services, including the HIV DUO test combining HIV antibody and p24 antigen test; the HIV Antibody test and also the HIV Viral Load PCR test. We offer a same day HIV test and can provide an HIV test from as early as 10 days after exposure which can help allay fears over the possible early symptoms of HIV.

There are several different types of HIV test. During your consultation with our doctor we will discuss the HIV testing options with you and recommend the most suitable HIV test for you.

There is currently no available HIV test to detect whether you have been infected with HIV in the previous few days but you no longer have to wait 3 months until you can get a reliable HIV test result. A consultation with one of our experienced doctors and an appropriate test can allay fears over the possible early symptoms of HIV. We can generally return the HIV DUO test result to you in 4 hours or so. Generally GUM (STD) clinics will offer an HIV DUO test in line with current British Association for Sexual Health and HIV guidelines. We offer very up-to-date HIV testing from 10 days after exposure to the virus.

This HIV test is rated as 99% accurate.

“Time is also a key factor. If you want to have a blood test because you have had a risky episode (such as unprotected sex, for example), taking hours off work to go through the soul-destroying experience of waiting in line at a drop in sexual health clinic is just not an option. Direct and discreet, this is a service that can put your mind at rest, fast.” Richard Bence, The Independent on Sunday, 8th May 2005

Rapid Xpert HIV-1 RNA qualitative early detection HIV testing from 10 days with same day results!

For most patients rapid answers for their worries of HIV infection is important.

Xpert HIV1 Qual is a qualitative test that provides on-demand molecular testing for early HIV 1 diagnosis. Based on the GeneXpert technology, Xpert HIV1 Qual provides a total nucleic acid based test for RNA and proviral DNA.

This differs from the other early detection by PCR/NAAT HIV test we offer in a number of ways:

Positive: Rapid processing – same-day results

Negative: Tests for HIV 1 only. The HIV 2 virus is much less common but still important to be aware of. Please read more about this below.

It has similar accuracy for HIV 1 diagnosis at 10 days as the PCR/NAAT test.

Please see this link for more information: https://www.cepheid.com/uk/cepheid-solutions/clinical-ivd-tests/virology/xpert-hiv-1-qual

HIV-2 Infection

At Freedomhealth we receive very many queries about HIV-2. Here we wanted to set out some basic facts which we hope will be reassuring for patients and people having HIV tests.

At the Autumn conference of the British HIV Association in November 2007, Dr Kamal Mansinho from the Egas Moniz Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal gave an overview of HIV-2 and how it differed from HIV-1.

His main points were that HIV-2 is a less virulent, less aggressive and less harmful virus than HIV-1, with a five to nine foldlower probability of its sexual transmission. In West Africa it is associated with a normal life-span. It is spread by direct contact with HIV-2 infected primate blood and the butchering of sooty mangabeys for food.

HIV Test Accuracy?

We receive very many enquiries about when can people regard HIV testing as complete and 100% accurate.

When is HIV testing complete?

HIV testing has developed enormously over the last 30 years since the appearance of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

There are many HIV tests in use. At Freedomhealth we try to concentrate on using the most modern tests, with the most supporting evidence regarding their use, our own collective personal experience of using them and also the varying Guidelines and advice from the UK Advisory Groups. Advice and statements from the CDC in the US is considered as valuable but is commonly incomplete and out of date. Consequently, we rely heavily on modern advice obtained from within the UK and also published in world-class medical journals.

Some of the advice published may appear to be contradictory, so again we have tried to develop a consensus view, using our combined huge experience of the tests available.

The UK Guidelines on HIV Testing published in September 2008 have emphatically recommended the use of 4th generation combined HIV p24 antigen and HIV antibody tests (HIV DUO tests) as the test of first choice, citing the very distinct benefit of the earlier diagnosis of HIV using these tests as opposed to the older 3rd generation HIV antibody tests. The 4th generation combined tests will shorten the time from infection to diagnosis by 1-2 weeks over the older 3rd generation HIV tests. The older 3rd generation tests are excellent and will still identify the majority of new HIV infections by 6 weeks.

The UK HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Guidelines published in October 2008 are in agreement with the above HIV testing Guidelines with respect to the use of the 4th generation combined HIV p24 antigen and HIV antibody tests except they set the interval for definitive testing at 12 weeks post exposure.

Both lots of Guidelines have been written by different groups but with a crossover of experts. So as with many other issues in life, complete agreement is sometimes not possible.

From the Freedomhealth point of view, using as described above the combined knowledge and experience of the team we regard the HIV DUO test as a conclusive HIV test at 28 days or beyond in almost all circumstances. In situations where a patient has had an exceptionally high level of HIV exposure and has symptoms which we might in our expert opinion regard as suggestive of an acute HIV infection, we will encourage the patient to re-test at an appropriate interval which we will decide with the patient. However, it is almost always the case that a negative HIV DUO test at 28 days or more will be conclusive and will not need repeating.

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