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Absolutely delighted!
Absolutely delighted to have found the clinic and Lee Garrett. Will definitely return and certainly recommend to my friends.

I see Mr Lee Garrett,
He is very informed in his field. He is honest, kind and attentive to your needs. I trust him completely.

Dear Jose,
Many thanks for all your help with this screen.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who have dealt with me at Freedom Health and feedback on the excellent service I have received throughout this process. Both medical and reception staff have put me at my ease throughout, treated me with the utmost consideration, and the service you have provided has been quick, easy and ultra-efficient. Many thanks for making this a comfortable and hassle-free process!

Hi Tara
Many thanks. Great service. And please pass on "muchas gracias" to Jose!

Hi Doctor,

I just wanted to thank you for the way you treated me in your clinic when I went for a HIV Duo Test, you were very supportive and that was of great help to me especially at that particular time.

The information you provided was up to date and was of more relevance than the information provided by the GUM clinics.

Please continue doing what you are doing, it is a great job.

Thanks again


Thanks again for the excellent service.

Surprisingly we enjoyed the entire experience and Was lovely to meet you...

When you get a moment please have your office email us copies of all our test results for us to keep for our records and future reference.


Dr. Jose

I just wanted to write you a quick email thanking you for our consultation today. I left feeling much better than when I arrived and I was very glad that you offered me an "exit point" from my anxiety in the 7-day test (which I will be doing on 10 days) on a time line that I can deal with. Once again thank you very much for your understanding, your support, and your reassuring words.


I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Dr Cummings for your kindness and professionalism today.

Again, many thanks.


thank you for your support and counsel today when I came for my HIV test. It has been quite a day and I found your manner and straightforward approach very helpful. It took me 20 years to get the courage to take that test and all the staff I encountered there today were great, including the guy on reception who was very friendly and professional with me.

All the best

Dear Dr Garcia,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your kind help over the last 2 weeks! – And of course for your prompt call today!

I appreciate all of your help and advice and am glad I can now move on happier and hopefully wiser!

Many thank

Dear Dr José González-García

Just a quick email to express my thanks to you and and everyone else at FreedomHealth for alleviating my concerns.

I found my visit to your practice very reassuring and was comforted by the professional staff and high calibre facilities, as well as your expansive knowledge and realistic approach.

As mentioned in my consultation you said a negative iNSTI at 17 days and negative PCR would realistically be all the testing required, would you say i can now continue with my life without any fears and put this chapter behind me?

To conclude i would highly recommend the FreedomHealth practice to anyone that requires any of the services you offer.

Thanks again

Doc Jose

Thank you so much for this morning. I never felt so comfortable speaking to a doctor, you went through each details, and gave me a lot of confidence and belief.

As you predicted my results were negative, I have my life back now.

Thank you again, you really offer an excellent service.

Dear Dr Gonzalez-Garcia

I visited you on Monday 22 Feb, and just wanted to say thank you for the excellent and professional service I received from freedomhealth. I spoke with your reception staff yesterday evening and was relieved to hear that all test results were negative. Please could you confirm this via email for my records. As I still have symptoms I have an appointment booked with a Urologist, so I would be grateful if you could list exactly what I was tested for in case he asks.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards

Hi Jose

I hope you don't mind me emailing you but I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the appointment today.

I'm sure it must be quite commonplace, and possibly repetitive to have someone as overly dramatically worried as I was(!), however, you made me feel very comfortable and I thank you for answering all my questions in as great a detail as you did. I left feeling a weight off my shoulders, and it made waiting for the results so much easier than it would have been without our discussion.

Thankfully I called and my results as you said you expected were all clear which is taking a little while to set in! I did have another question to ask however, just to make sure for certain. I asked if the results were conclusive on the phone and I was told yes, so I just thought I better double check there is no need for a follow up test? In the past, when I have been to the GUM clinic I have always been told to return at the six month mark. Having looked at the website, it seems to suggest that there is no need with this sort of test?

Again, many thanks to you and Freedomhealth. Your help was very very much appreciated at such a worrying time.

Keep up the great work!


Hi Tara,

I have been very anxious about getting tested for HIV for some time, the worry never quite going away. I came across Freedom Health’s website, read the testimonials and came in to meet Dr Mervyn today.

His calming manner and informative approach made the whole process much easier, I was a bundle of nerves but with up to date information I felt calm and able to cope with either result. I wished that I had booked in months before, I am relieved with my negative result, however if it had been the other way I felt that Dr Mervyn would be the best person to help me deal with the diagnosis.

I have already recommended Dr Mervyn to two friends.

All the best to everyone at the practice, I am very happy to let you publish these words.

To Dr Sean and the team a big thank you.

To you all although i only saw Dr Sean and the receptionists.

They really put me at ease and spoke to me as if they were really interested in what i had to say. Dr sean was helpful nice and you could tell he knew what he was talking about and didn't ever try to rush me.

I ended up having three tests with them all 4th generation at 6 weeks 8 and 12 and suprisingly all were negative after they said they would be. P.s i OBVOIUSLY had every symptom possible so my advice is to get tested and listen to them the first time as if i had would have not only saved my pocket but also my peace of mind.

Ms B, Ireland

Thank you so much for your help.
Your services are top notch, quick, and very professional.


Hi I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dr Sean for helping me this week. I was being a drama queen and stressing myself out more and more each day. After leaving your establishment I instantly felt calmer after speaking with Dr Sean and remained much more relaxed whilst I waited for my results. Thankfully I got the negative result in which I was told would probably be the case.

I think the services you provide are excellent and would thoroughly recommend to anyone wishing to get peace of mind, reassurance and fast efficient results.

Thank you once again and Merry Christmas!

Good Afternoon

I would just like to say thank you so much Dr Séan for your consultation this morning. You dealt with a jibbering pile of nerves brilliantly. You truly are a top man.

Thanks again.

Dear Sean

Just to say a big thank you for seeing me through a horrible time and for your generosity. Although it was a grim couple of months, peoples support and kindness really got me through. I was so touched by what you did and I'll never forget it. Thanks for being such a good bloke!

Dear Dr Sean

I have attended your cinic twice and had negative HIV Tests at 6 and 8 weeks. You advised me to seek help which i now am and i thought i would just say thank you for being understanding and not treating me like an Idiot and although i´m still have a hard time accepting my HIV negative status with help it´s becoming easier. I just thought i´d say that all the staff at your clinic were fantastic and although i didn´t listern they gave me great advice and i thought i´d just say thank you.

Sean and Lisa

Id like to thank you both for your quick response to my email for Jose in his absence. You have helped to ease my worries and have fully reassured me.

Once again you all at Freedom health have proved to be some of the nicest people around, keep up the good work.

I am going to make a donation to the National Aids Trust in the near future and plan to travel to Kenya next summer to work with an Aids charity that deals with orphans.

Thanks again

Dear Dr Jose
Just a line to thank you for seeing me today. As you predicted, all was ok, my mind is now at rest !
All the best to you and all at Freedomhealth for the usual excellent service.
See you again when I come in for my yearly full check up.
Have a good weekend doc.

Dear Sean

I just wanted to drop you a short line to say thank you very much.

I have not felt able to talk to anyone close to me about the position that i had got myself into at anytime over the past 16 weeks. I have had a pretty awful past 3-4 months (albeit down to my own stupidity!).

The only real respite I have had over that time is the 2 visits I had to your surgery. On both occasions I left feeling emotionally so much better and then more importantly the results reinforced everything you had told me.

I'm sure that you don't, but please do not ever underestimate the impact you and your team have on people's lives. Your service and manner is flawless. It's exactly what someone in my position needs.

I also wanted to mention Jose. As you were understandably busy last night when I was calling for my results your receptionist offered me Jose to deliver the results. I have to say that i was momentarily anxious as i felt that he may not have understood my situation and he may not have been as empathetic as you. How wrong could I have been! He was equally excellent on the phone with me.... caring, patient and very clear in his communication. His tone, manner and communication style couldnt have been any better. Needless to say that i couldnt stop crying after i put the phone down. (I'm just started crying again..... good tears though!!!)

I had the best night's sleep last night that i've had in months!

Anyway, Just wanted to take the time and put my thoughts in writing. Please pass my thanks to Jose as well.

On your way home through busy Friday night rush hour tonight please take a moment to stop and think about the great work you do and just how many people's lives you change for the better.

Thank you again

To Sean and the Team

Sean just to thank you so much for the treatment you gave to me on June 18 for facial wasting. It has changed my life, and I can now move forward with great confidence. You and the team at Freedomhealth deserve a medal for the work you do.

Yours sincerely


Thanks so very much for this - it's greatly appreciated.

Please thank Sean and Jose - and, of course - YOU!

Hi Dr Jose

Thank you so much for your assistance yesterday. Obviously I am hugely relieved that my results were negative. But in the event that the worst would have happened, I wish to say that I would have utterly confident that I had in you the best man possible to help me deal with that eventuality.

So thank you again!

Dear Jose,
Thank you so much for your assistance yesterday. Obviously I am hugely relieved that my results were negative. But in the event that the worst would have happened, I wish to say that I would have utterly confident that I had in you the best man possible to help me deal with that eventuality.

So thank you again!

Thanks Dr Jose

I hope never to have to darken your doors again (although you would be the first place I would go if I had to!)

Hello Dr & Staff

just wanted to say thank for a great service! I was at your office today and saw Dr Andrew (sorry forgot your surname)!

all is well and clear and fab!

thanks again for all your help and for eveyone u have helped!

Total stars! and Julie you are FAB!


thank you very much for referring me, I have been today to my dermatologist and he removed the mole

It was also very kind of you to call me personally yesterday and I appreciate it

I hope you keep doing well

Kind regards,

Excellent service from beginning to end.

Professional friendly staff. Dr Cummmings was great. Answered all questions. Was very thorough, professional, friendly and made the whole experience completely painless.

Thank you so much for testing me today and your fantastic manner and approachability. Even the needle didn’t hurt all that much.

P.S. Your secretary was lovely too. All in all as good as going to the Doctors can be!

Dear Jose

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for speaking to me both on the phone and in the clinic. The results were all clear and everything is going well. Thanks so much for your expertise, patience and good humour- you really helped me such a lot during a confusing time.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Dear Judy

I am so pleased with Lee's treatment. Please pass on my sincere thanks.

Dear Sean

That was extraordinarily kind and generous of you and much appreciated. And also much appreciated was your diagnosis of the problem and the sympathetic understanding that left me in a completely different mental state.

p.s. what a very nice receptionist!

Dear Sean

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for helping to put my mind at ease during the HIV test and for managing to fit me in at short notice. I was very impressed with your manner and relieved to get the negative result.

Dear Sean

Thank you for everything you are such a nice and caring doctor.

Thank you Sean

for your efforts on my behalf. I will certainly recommend Freedomhealth to my friends.

Dear Sean

Thank you for your quick response back.

Also thank Dr Jose for his caring service.

Thanks for all your help!

It was really worth coming in on Saturday to establish status. I liked the swift response, location and relaxed attitude of the staff.

Dr Sean Cummings is great! Had a good chat with him…. He kept me talking and I had a result from him without even realising it was all over and done with.

Thanks again

I would highly recommend the service to any friends of mine who may become worried at any point in the future.

I mentioned to Dr Cummings that I had been pestering you with emails last week, he laughed. You were very supportive.

Dear Sean

I want to thank you for your kindness, support and caring attention. I’m certain I’ve not been the easiest of patients to handle I’m sure.

Please accept this token of my appreciation for your generous support, plus the innumerable telephone calls, repeat prescriptions.

I am in your debt, and can only humbly say- thank you so much.

Dear Sean

Greetings from Madagascar!

And thank you, you do a great line in reassurance. Do e-mail me if you ever find yourself in Geneva.

thank you very much for referring me, I have been today to my dermatologist and he removed the mole

It was also very kind of you to call me personally yesterday and I appreciate it

I hope you keep doing well

Thank you Freedomhealth

For the past year or so I have been extremely unhappy due to relationship problems. The story of my desperation is complex and irrelevant here. However, the outstanding service offered to me by staff at Freedom Health has provided me with much security and comfort. About a month ago I visited Dr Sean with a list of issues and questions. He spent a considerable time with me addressing each issue in detail. Following the visit I communicated with him via e-mail as I still had insecurities and anxieties (I think he understands how I seem to have lost all trust and faith in other people). Today, after reading an outdated article about HIV tests, I felt I needed to contact the clinic again for advice about testing intervals. I had also realised that I had not given Dr Sean all the necessary information. The staff at the reception, especially Tara were delightful when I called and they set up a telephone consultation with Dr Jose. I discussed what was worrying me in some detail and he gave me expert detailed advice. I am so grateful to Dr Jose for answering my questions.
I would recommend this practice and it's staff to anyone who is suffering anxiety about sexual issues. In my opinion, the service they provide is wonderful.

Thank you Freedomhealth

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